Burden to Vehicle Owners

AARTO will be burdensome to vehicle owners for a number of reasons.


  • These fines are twice as much in Rand value as the old fines.
  • There are added levies; R60 for the courtesy letter and R60 when it gets changed to an enforcement order.
  • You have no choice but to pay as you cannot receive licence disc/s for your vehicle/s if not paid.


  • From when AARTO deems you have received notice of a fine (10 days after sent to you) you only have 32 days to act. 
  • If you pay in the first 32 days you receive a 50% discount which is not a huge win considering fines are twice as much as the old.
  • If you were not the driver at the time of the fine you can nominate the driver who is responsible but this has to be done in the first 32 days.
  • You can also make representation to AARTO in the first 32 days stating you are not responsible for the fine for whatever reason and they can decide on the merits of your representation.
  • If you do not act in the first 32 days you have a further 32 days to pay voluntarily. If you do not then after 64 days AARTO has the right to change the fine to an Enforcement Order and place it on eNatis blocking any other licence discs from being printed.
  • The paper work is burdensome (AARTO 07 / AARTO 08)
  • The time frames are short
  • The onus is on you to ensure they have received your paperwork



  • Under AARTO you could end up with a vehicle that cannot be used or sold
  • You or an employee could end up with a suspended licence
  • It will be hard to do business if you have to taxi everywhere


The severity of this legislation should now start to sink in! This is 1st world law in a 3rd world county.

There will be glitches in implementation of this system and probably many but much like every other government system in SA when there is a hurdle or a glitch the burden to solve inevitably falls on us, the public. 

You may do well to begin to look for a service to help you with the burdensome system.

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