Small to Medium Business (< 20 Vehicle / Drivers)

Any business with a fleet of vehicles is at risk of capitulating under AARTO. 

Financially the fines are expensive (twice as much as the old system) and you cannot avoid paying them if you want to continue getting licence discs for your fleet.

You cannot sell or use a vehicle if it has a suspended licence disc (> 15 points)

It is easy to accumulate points but slow to lose (1 for every 3 months of perfect driving behavior).

It is important to know the PROXY of a business will not receive all the demerit points on their ID number. Points go onto the licence number of the vehicle.

Vehicles with suspended licence discs cannot be sold or used. To do so becomes a criminal act and the suspension is increased by a year.

Points are not lost but reduced by 1 for every 3 month period of good driving behavior. 

If a vehicle which has demerit points is sold then the points are not lost. They come off the vehicle when it is transferred to the new owner and are added to your business BRN number. The next car you put into your name or licence will receive these points.

This system is going to be tough on business and the bigger the fleet the harder it will be.

You need a key control system of who is in what vehicle at every point in time.

Your need to be on top of all fines received and act in time to benefit from the discount or offset to driver.

 It is important to deal with the difficult paperwork of AARTO to offset each fine.

You need to track drivers and the validity of their licence cards. Keep in mind they may receive fines in their personal capacity that affects their drivers licence. The onus is on you to ensure they have a valid drivers licence.

No business can afford to have vehicles that cannot be used or sold. No business can afford to have drivers that cannot fulfill their duties due to a suspended licence.

You need help and we are here for you. Set up a meeting to understand more and view the packages and service we offer.

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